Design Enterprise

Creative and conceptual support of a start-up company during the first steps of product development.

Interdisciplinary teamwork

Industrial design, User Experience,
Corporate Identity

Project partners:



Kontextforschung, Nutzeranalyse, Prototyping, Nutzer "Insight"


Personas, User Journey Map, Business Model Canvas

Concept & product design
User Experience
Corporate Design

Design Enterprise:

The advent of a marketable and meaningful product or service from an idea means countless steps that need to be taken to overcome various obstacles. This development process, which may take several months to years, can only be mastered through interdisciplinary cooperation. Design Enterprise is a synonym for this collaboration, a design discipline that uses multiple methods to cover the many facets of a product development process.

Project description:

Munich-based startup FLUICS was born out of an idea by two scientists for the automation of the pipetting process, especially for the research laboratories.


Their main objective is to develop a product, which assists scientist/researcher in performing the routine work of the pipetting process, an automated laboratory assistant. It was a collaborative Project between designer and scientist for product development.

Albeit, our intention as a designer team goes far beyond the purely formal-aesthetic design of a product. Specially, recognizing and capturing user needs, gaining and transmission deeper insights into user experiences in a laboratory as well as optimizing the work process are on our agenda prior to designing the product and working on its corporate identity.


The topic was thoroughly examined and searched for concrete clues using designing methods to optimize the product concept and develop the corporate strategy. Based on our researches, there are three important use cases in a laboratory that can be considered in the product developing’s process, including 1. Cell culture incubators, 2. Laboratory bench and 3. Microscopes.

Design process:


Low Fidelity Prototyping:

Corporate Design:

The development of a corporate identity (corporate identity) takes into account the company profile as well as its goals and values. During this process the designer team works in a close cooperation with founders of the start up.

Reliability, intelligence and honesty are three important characteristics that express the brand personality. The corporate identity of the startup is based on these characteristics.


Corporate colors


Final concept